Rod Display Ø 10 mm

Rod Display Ø 10 mm : Accessoires de fixation pour l'affichage et la signalétique

Commander votre Rod Display Ø 10 mm

Altumis Rod Display Systems has one of the more competitive prices of Rod Display components in the world.


Altumis Rod Display Systems have a diameter of Ø 10 mm and are made in Inox for durability and longevity. Rod Display Systems support up to 200KG.

All Components (for Panel and for Shelf) of Altumis have are made of high grade Aluminium and clear anodized finish make them timeless and bring style to your space.


Available in pre-assembled kit configurations for installations: from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, Swivel or suspended. Available, a multitude of fittings that can easily adapt to suspend the most display applications.