HF Express N°1 (0 to 15KG). Fast hanging cable system for signage

HF Express N°1 (0-15 KG) : Display System Accessories

Commander votre HF Express N°1 (0-15 KG)
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Ergonomic buttons allow rapid adjustment. No tool required for adjustment

- 1 HF Express N° 1 (load rated at 15 kg)

 - 1 Ø 1,5 mm cable / Loop (FR) end fixing

(Supplied as a ready-to-use kit)

The HF Express N°1 of Altumis offers an locking system with keyless adjustment functionality to deliver simple, flexible installation, while our catenary systems provide an effective solution where are no available or existing anchor points.

The HF Express N°1 (0 to 15KG) of Altumis is the fastest locking system for fast suspension of variety of services. Perfect solution for signage, shopfitting, lighting, electrical etc...

HF1 Ø cable 1,5 mm (0 to 15KG)